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While maintaining a lifestyle of spreadsheets and style tiles, I also write a lot of music.

Whaddya mean?

Simple Math: Deconstructing How We Talk About Wine

Describe wine like a boss

This book will help you baffle blowhards, scry the wine list, and become the most succinct wine critic around. Even this preview will.

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for "simple math" consulting (freelance)

$60 per hour
Content Writing
Digital Marketing
Audio Composition & Production
Just 1 of a ton of singles
(I also curate and review music, video
and inventions for
Inquire see SMC
Federal & State wine & beer compliance
Business planning
And Publishing Too
$45 per hour
Layout/Design -for poets, fiction/nonfiction authors, thesis candidates-Kindle, Amazon, Smashwords. MLA, Chicago, APA.
(I started out in the '90s making perfect bound paperbacks by hand.)
Professional Copywriting & Editing
I wrote this stuff for 25+ years and handled all of the formatting to publish across several platforms. For me, for you (aspiring & frustrated author?). Can do.
MuchBetter #ThanksForAsking A new book Poetry and Publishing
I created a winery. Did all of the design work...winemaking, operations, logistics, financials...this logo represents how to take a standoffish concept (pi) and make it accommodating & accessible.
Simple Math Cellars My Wine Brand Marketing
Design & build a wine cellar for all these great bottles I've found for you? I want it organized by regions, varietals, price, collectibility..and what other people aren't allowed to touch. To work into a new build. OK, go.
A custom wine cellar Practical Design Development


What the?

Do you give presentations ?
It's my pleasure and generally yours, as the data would suggest. I've presented for the IT, environmental, medical, wine, literature, agricultural and fringe science communities. I range from slam poetry to academics and the places between. The feedback has been quite positive due to my belief in implementing interactivity, some challenge where appropriate, and a bit of humor. I also like to augment visuals with audio, for a fuller experience.
Why don't you play songs we know ?
That's an ongoing question. Let cover bands do what they do, and DJs play someone else's records. I don't create in terms of what listeners recognize. It's been said that one can't write music that hasn't been written before. I think that's crazy. You can't even make the same face twice. There are far too many variables. However, similarities do undeniably enable adoption, much like an awful pop song can grow on you, despite your horror. So if 50 new fans show up on my doorstep one Thursday, begging me to fire up the grill and share my fabulously esoteric suburban lifestyle with them, I'll probably blame it on consensus. Fluidynamics will have struck a chord for them by sounding enough like something else they dig. I'm thankful, by hook or by crook, so long as I don't go down in history as having used a gimmick or having been cruel.
What's "simple math" ?
It's my brand, for one thing. As a winery owner & winemaker, I decided a few years ago to answer a question: "What constitutes a great wine?" The answer was, "When it's great." This sparked a realization that we often try too hard to pick ideas apart. When it coes down to it, the answers to seemingly deep questions are simple when you just do the math. I take the notion further today... from the Golden Rule to the Golden Ratio, simple math is really everywhere. You can see it when you quiet the mind, ask yourself questions and enjoy the power of answering them yourself. It's a way I live and consult, and it's made evident in my book. You are your own best advisor, IMHO. Do the math, right?
What's on the horizon?
More music, another poetry book, maybe another wine book. A couple of collaborative alternative energy inventions. Some software building. Travel. Maybe make some more pinot.
What's with Fluidynamics ?
All this math & science talk...I'm not really a left-brainer, even though I've studied them. "Floo" is explained on the other site. Click the "Whaddya Mean?" button. But before you do, let me just say that I prefer the artistic life while knowing that much of the creative framework has an empirical kinship. Try two things: watch crashing waves for an hour, then examine the structure of an artichoke. These two experiences can really bring home the idea that intricate, scientifically-explained and mathematically-manifested episodes are linked to beauty and the divine.
Didn't you move to Bali ?
Heh. Not yet. Have you ever had the experience (like my wife & I had) of visiting an exotic place and then seeing a book on display at the airport bookstore entititled, "A Practical Guide to Moving To (the place you're leaving right then)"? Well, it happened on Kauai & sparked some very passionate conversation; believe me. Now, having recently spent 10 days in Bali, the Indonesian urge is hot. I studied wood carving under a master sculptor, which took my 20 years of casual study to the next level. I made friendships there that are impossible to quantify. I even built pro-bono marketing websites for a couple of artists and Skype with these new friends as often as possible. So, no. I don't live in Bali. Sonoma County it is, for the time being. But thanks for asking.
All this orange ?
I prefer creamy, buttery foods to fruit, but I do love the color orange. No hidden meaning, no apologetic gyrations.
Can you work for me ?
Sure. I give regular guidance in sales, marketing and operations capacities. I perform graphic & web design, full-spectrum editorial services and multimedia content delivery. I design wine cellars and map out physical spaces for optimal functionality. Occasionally, I perform fine wine appraisals. I do prepress, publishing and layout. I've harnessed and syndicated social media for propagating original content. I regularly use the following: Brackets, Coincident, Napkee, WebMatrix/Apache/IIS, WebFlow, all Adobe, all Microsoft, Image-Line, Sony, Inkscape, various CMS systems, GIMP, Reaper, Native Instruments... modern web programming, et cetera. Not a Mac/Apple/iOS guy - sorry.

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